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Ken FossAnalyst IJuly 20, 2009

Just me with a laptop and TV for those who can't see the show, or want to read it when they get up in the morning. My grammar will be awful; I'm doing this on the fly.

3:01AM: The B Team is here for DREAM 10. Michael Schiavello and Guy Metzger have braved the trip.

3:06AM: It's broken that Mach struggled to make weight for tonight's event... shocker!

3:09AM: Michael compares Paulo to Amy Winehouse, nice.

3:15AM: Metzger takes the darkhorse to beat Sakurai. he takes High to beat Galvao.

3:18AM: Melvin Manhoef's crazy schedule calls for him fighting in a K-1 eliminator tournament, hope he doesn't need his arm for that.

3:20AM: Opening stage craft has begun.

3:26AM: Michael just coined the Dongbar, the whole world just winced...

3:28AM: Marius is the favorite for both announcers in the tournament. He's the last place finisher in the Bloody Elbow poll... bold move.

3:31AM: Weirdness meter explodes in the video as the Welterweight GP reserve bout is announced. Tarrec Saffidine enters to great elevator music.

3:34AM: Ikemoto enters to Usher.

Round 1: Ikemoto calls his shot throwing a double fist strike. Both fighters are feeling each other out.. Saffidine is looking to work the clinch.

Saffidine's Judo throw is blocked, Ikemoto is hammering Tarec with knee strikes. Ikemoto is stalking Tarec landing nothing. Tarec starts throwing back. Tarec stuffs a takedown attempt both fighters end up in the clinch. They wrestle for control.

Safidine lands good leg strikes before Ikemoto throws a superman punch. Ikemoto misses wildly with a spinning back fist. Safidine falls down with out provication. Ikemoto rains down strikes from open guard.

Tarec closes his guard. Ikemoto postures up and lands heavy-handed strikes. Ikemoto passes to half guard. pattering shots from both fighters, Ikemoto stuffs a wild sweep attempt. Ikemoto gets sloppy and gets sweeped; both fighters are back to their feet. Fighters clinch... ref breaks.

Ikemoto is rocked with a right hook then a flying knee; Ikemoto gets clinch. Tarec is dominating Ikemoto now. Tarec lands a leg kick that buckles Ikemoto. Both fighters exchange to end the round. I give it to Safidine.


Round 2: Both fighters come out tentative. Various leg kicks land for both fighters. Safidine fainting looking to get Ikemoto to drop his hands. A minute gone, Terec goes for a combination; landing it well.

Tarec lands a Question mark kick. Ikemoto lands a leg kick then Tarec returns it in kind. Ikemoto tries a superman punch fails. Ikemoto gets taken down.

Tarec has half guard, easily moves to side control.  Tarec moves to mount. Ikemoto makes a great escape now perfect double leg sweep moves him into guard. Fight is over. I give Safidine a close decision win.

3:54AM: Sexyama is in the house tonight, says Michael.


Tarec Saffidine wins via Unanimous decision.

Thats a tough loss for Ikemoto.

3:59AM: Saffidine's "hotty" is ranked by Michael to be the hottest MMA wife. Metzger speechless as Michael continues telling Tarec to not bring him over here or Sexyama might steal her. Possible new announcing low here tonight, folks.

4:02AM first semi final match about to start.

Marius Z enters to Final Countdown; he's dressed as an anime character.

Mach enters to techno Japanese thrash metal.

I think Michael likes Korean barbeque folks. Either that or he's calling Sakurai fat.

Round 1: Marius goes crazy with a scissor kick; its not even close, Sakurai just clocking Marius...Maruis is flying all over the place, a wild left then a flying knee. The announcers are so biased to their pick.

Marius is out on his feet after 3 great right hands, after a short clinch Mach lands another right hand that wabbles Marius. Sakurai gets the takedown easily. Sakurai is sitting in half guard. 

Maruis sweeps him beautifully. This is becoming a bar room brawl as Z lands a big right that cuts Sakurai's eye open. Refs stop to look at the cut.

He has two cuts on the same right eye....

Looks like were going to restart eventually, Doctors look like they want to stop it now. Mach is arguing it.

Yay! we restart.

Maruis lands an incredible Left high kick. Mach is out, Z pounces on him the ref stops the fight! HUGE UPSET!


Marius Zaromskis wins via TKO (High Kick)

Devistating loss for Sakurai, Marius Zaromskis was flying around like a wild man the whole round took Sakurai's best shot twice, then finally landed with a combination capped by a huge high kick!

4:19AM Both announcers are very proud of themselves, Jason High's intro video is starting.

Jason High enters to local rap, he's wearing a KC Royals cap.

Galvao grooves out to some Motown, he's going Gi less.

Round 1: Galvao looks good on his feet. High takes him down. High gets immediatley reversed, but sweeps Galvao himself. now High is in half guard, Galvao is in full lockdown. Action stalls High not looking to pass. High starts striking, then stands up.

Galvao forces clinch, ref breaks it.

Galvao looks the better on the feet. Then High lands a massive left hand, Galvao crumples, Galvao goes for a kneebar, High seems safe though. Galvao has the toehold now. It's in, ladies. Its only a matter of time. High is trying to push his leg out but Galvao isnt giving up. High endures until he escapes.

Galvao immediately takes High down. High meger guillotine fails, Galvao effortlessly takes Highs back. High is in full turtle. four minutes left. Galvao has the anaconda in. Galvao lookes like he's got the rear naked choke.

Three minutes left but Galvao lets the choke go. soft punches set up Galvao to switch to mount, High gives up his back immediately. Galvao moves to mount again, a minute remaining.

Galvao is looking for an arm triangle. High gives up his back again. Chokes in 35 seconds left. High rolls into Galvao giving up mount. High gives his back up. Galvao looks for a cheeky armbar but the bell saves High.

Round 2: High looks totally gassed, Galvao gets rocked. High learned his lesson he wants nothing to do with Galvao on the mat. High tentive, no action, Galvao loops a left High lands a leg kick. Galvao gets caught out of ring gets hit with a huge combination.

Galvao ducks a right looks for a single gives it up. High doesn't want anything to do with Galvao, who stings High with a right, then grabs the plum and lands a knee. Galvao goes for a lunging high kick falls.

High makes Andre stand. A minute remaining as both fighters stand just out of range looking to lunge for strikes. Galvao stings High with a right hand, good body kick by High. High goes a liver kick it stings Galvao. Fight ends

Tough round to judge. I give it to Galvao; he dominated High on the ground for six minutes.

Jason High wins via Split Decision


Awful decision robbery; Galvao is disgusted; Andre comes back into the ring to shake Highs hand.

Jason High vs. Marius Zaromskis for the Welterweight belt.

4:50AM Zzzzzz... ow Minowa has intentions of dying in the ring, interesting.

Katsunori Kikuno enters to we are the world.

Andre Dida enters wearing weird beaver mask... I'll leave the female anatomy jokes to you. On second inspection, it looks like a tougue. Jokes still apply.


Round 1: Dida explodes with a right that misses wildly. Kikuno gets laid out with a right. Kikuno is standing flat footed, with his head straight up in the air, this isn't going to last long. Dida paws with a jab. Michael rips them with a big time Willy-Wonka zinger.

Dida explodes forward. Kikuno clinches then explodes away from Dida to aviod the uppercut. Dida is just moving to his left. Yellow card warning given.

Kikuno steps forward gets caught then takedown, Kikuno immediatly mounts Dida, Dida looks lost; he's getting crushed as he gives up his back he covers up and begs the ref to save him. The ref obliges. 

Katsunori Kikuno wins via TKO (Ref Stoppage)

Night of upsets folks. Kikuno wants a title fight. Kikuno wants Aoki too, oh and while he's at it, he wants Brock Lesnar, and BJ Penn...AT THE SAME TIME! (kidding, folks)

5:08AM Kikuno is still signing autographs, looks like he's savoring his moment.

Micheal is an Internet forum troll, folks. If only he could take his accent.

The primer video for Manoef vs. Filho has started. Filho had washboard abs at one point....


Filho enters to gladiator music, he's wearing a flannel shirt stollen from Christopher Titus' closet. Oh, and his man breasts look great tonight. Very supple.

Manoef enters to the theme for Call of Duty 2, I think. Noticably absent is the chain to his dog collar. His trainer looks to motivate him. It tranistions to some gangsta rap.

Michael won't stop flexing his Sherdog black belt credentials.

Round 1: Manoef seems relaxed. Fight starts tentitively Pauloo looks for a double leg. It's stuffed. Clinch struggle insues Manoef breaks free and unloads back to the clinch Fihlo is rocked the ref looks like he's about to stop it. Manoef slips into Filho's guard.

Manoef passes, then stands up. Melvin stays on his feet. Manoef is reversed from a series of strikes. Manoef is mounted; Filho moves to the arm bar. Manoef resists, but is forced to tap.

Paulo Filho Wins via Submission (Armbar)

Power's back, folks; don't know how long it's going to last, though.

Aoki v. Riberio is up next.

Intermission, HDNET is previewing the DREAM 11. card by showing the Hulk Tourny repeats.

5:54AM HDNET is pumping up K-1 getting close to action.

5:56AM Sakuraba makes an entrance by stealing one of Andre Dida's masks.

Micheal is still calling Akiyama "Sexyama" and he is a sharp-dressed man.

Sakuraba apears to have been scheduled to fight Akiyama this fall so says the translator. I don't know if thats accurate, as he's sighed with the UFC and we all know the UFC has a blood-in, blood-out policy.


Okay, fight time, folks. not Aoki vs. Riberio like advertised it's J-Money vs. the Dong.

Jesse enters to some Latin music, odd choice.

Dong enters to some J-Country.


Micheal just used Dongbar Nation, and he loves him some Dong in the same breath. The world winced and giggled like a school boy, simultaneously.


Round 1: Taylor lunges, propelling Dong off the ropes, a series of suplexes gets Jesse the back of Soon. Jesse Taylor rolls over into mount. Dong verbally taps out.

Jesse Taylor wins via Technical Submision (injury)

6:09AM A set of replays shows the culprit. It looks like during the series of suplexes Jesse trapped Dongs leg in between his foot; as "The Dong" is lifted, his ankle snaps like a twig.

6:12AM Shinya Aoki's primer video is underway; its in Japanese and translated into French, but not English.

A little Fun Trivia Question I'll answer after the fight for ya. Who is the only man to defeat both Shinya Aoki, Shoalin Ribiero, and Andre Galvao, in competitive BJJ?

Vitor enters to heavy metal, strewn in Tapout gear.


Aoki enters to J-Pop, in his Gi, he looks ready to go. He's not.

Round 1: Vitor is staying away from Aoki's kicks, just staying away from Aoki. Shoalin is standing so far the only jab he's landed has been answered with a body kick. Vitor attempts a half-hearted shot. Two minutes gone. Aoki is probing with some kicks. nice leg kick from Aoki. Oddly a stand up duel. 

Aoki grabs the plum, and slams a knee into the face of Vitor, Vitor frees himself. four minutes gone. Aoki is still pawing with kicks Shoalin can't answer. Shoalin cuts off the ring and clinches (odd women scream Aoki) Aoki reverses position and back to the striking they go.

Aoki fakes a high kick with a liver kick landing beautifully. Half way gone, no grappling whatsoever. Shaolin almost catches Aoki's kick but Aoki scrambles to his feet; good jab from Vitor. A good jab is answered with a body kick.

Ref stops for no action. restarts Vitor is stuffed on a takedown. Aoki doesn't want anything to do with Vitor on the ground, im stunned. Aoki dips under a jab, beautifully. Eight minutes gone!

Aoki paws with a jab. Vitor gets a single leg but Aoki stuffs it, Aoki lands a left hand as they break. Vitor lunges and a right glances Aoki as he rolls out.

Vitor stuffed again; Aoki grabs the plum, Vitor gets out the back door just in time to avoid a huge knee. Round over.

Round 2: Vitor presses the action with a flurry of jabs. Vitor gets a takedown. Aoki puls guard Aoki goes to Mission Control 1:30 remains. Shoalin throws soft shots. Aoki pulls New York now. Vitor tries to break rubber guard. Aoki holds Vitor's gloves. Vitor pounds on Aoki, the fight mercifully comes to an end.

I have Vitor the takedown was the only sugnificant thing in the fight.


Shinya Aoki wins via Unanimous Decision

ZZZZZZzzzzzz. Shinya Aoki ran scared tonight; I've lost all respect for him.

Answer: Marcello Garcia MMA Record 0-1


6:40AM Marius Zaromskis vs. Jason High, next. Should pull a .0000000001 rating from here on out. But it will be a great fight; Z is a wild man. I think he's going to become DREAM's first WW champion.

6:44AM Very tired folks, Jason High enters with his chain and bandit mask, way to break stereotypes there Jason.

Big Z enters to The Final Countdown again, dressed as his anime character, Michael makes obscure WWE reference... I'm disgusted that I picked up on it.


American National Anthem is played... So is The Lithuianian Athem.

Both fighers look equally fit.

Round 1: High looks afraid of Z shoots and gets it. High scrambles about on the ground High looks for a guillotine Marius shakes him off High stands up, a few tentaive moments of circling, High shoots is stuffed. Marius lunges forward with a right high kick and High crumples, OUT COLD!

Marius Zaromskis wins via KO (High Kick)

Michael flexs his Black belt one more time. Guy Metzger is my new hero these guys called it.

7:00AM Marius Zaromsiks in the new WW Champion of DREAM!

7:02AM The award ceramony is in progress.


This is where I'll wrap it up, folks. Thanks for reading, Good Night/Morning!












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