Detroit and Dallas fight it out in the Western Conference Finals.

Katie EvansCorrespondent INovember 2, 2016

The Western Conference Finals begin tonight with Dallas at Detroit. The Red Wings have been dominating thus far in the playoffs and Dallas will have to stay on their toes to beat a tough Detroit team.

Having dominated against Colorado the Red Wings have been well rested for a little over a week the Red Wings should come out strong where Dallas had to battle to get this far. Dallas will have to watch out for an awake Detroit that is determined to win the cup.

Dallas' Marty Turco has always struggled in Detroit having never beaten them at home, however Turco is a quick goalie that can make fantastic saves. The Wings will have to push to get the puck past him. With the way Detroit has been playing this shouldn't be a problem for Detroit however they will have to fight a little harder to survive the Western Conference Finals.  

Johan Franzen has continued to be on fire as the playoffs roll on. Franzen will continue to be amazing against Dallas. With him still being a young player he is a sniper and continue to only improve his skills the more years he has with the NHL and his career with the Wings. He has become a fan favorite in Detroit and with the support he  is getting, the Mule will only continue to lead the NHL in goals and points during this series against Dallas.

The Detroit Red Wings have dominated in the playoffs but they dont necessary need the "Dominator" to do so. Chris Osgood has been fantastic since starting to playing six games ago, having two shut outs and not losing a game yet. Osgood is an elite player and will be for more years to come. This series Osgood would be the best choice to go with considering his 1.52 GAA and his winning streak.

In the end this will be a fight to get the Stanley Cup Finals however only one team can win and that team, I believe, will be the Red Wings in six games.