Seth Rollins' MITB Cash-in Tease at NOC Did More Harm Than Good

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistSeptember 21, 2014

In June, Seth Rollins shockingly left his Shield faction, becoming an ally of Triple H. With this, he abandoned the majority of his fanbase and almost immediately started feuding with his former comrade, Dean Ambrose. To up the ante, Rollins showed the WWE Universe that going to the dark side was indeed a good idea, as he won the Money in the Bank contract in July. 

Since then, he has maintained his feud with Dean Ambrose, which has become even more intense. The feud seemed to be on pause when Ambrose got storyline sidelined with an injury after being Curb Stomped on a collection of cinder blocks.

On Night of Champions, Rollins' match with Roman Reigns resulted in a forfeit victory due to Reigns being forced to undergo emergency hernia surgery. As a result, Rollins issued an open challenge, which led to a brawl with a returning Dean Ambrose.

While many believed Rollins was going to be occupied with Ambrose once again, Rollins made a surprise appearance at the conclusion of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. He cashed in his briefcase and the announcer even made it official, but apparently it did not count because the "bell didn't ring" before Rollins decided to retreat from an angry John Cena.

While Rollins is indeed a rising star whose path to the WWE was similar to Daniel Bryan's and CM Punk's, he looked completely out of place when in the ring with John Cena and Brock Lesnar. I am not a Cena mark by any stretch—actually quite the opposite—but he is a moneymaker and the flagship player of the WWE. Brock Lesnar speaks for himself with his former MMA career coupled with his 2014 WWE resume.

It is far too soon for Seth Rollins to get anywhere close to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The biggest project for the WWE to make Rollins a quality contender is character development, because he has a long way to go as a heel. If rushed, a Rollins WWE WHC reign could end up like the Miz and Jack Swagger: pointless, and a negative mark in the history of the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.

WWE could have been testing the waters to see what kind of reaction Rollins received cashing it in during that caliber of a match. That makes sense. While he did create a little bit of suspense, the primary thought of that moment from a personal standpoint was how much WWE would have given up on creating a solid Seth Rollins brand if they just throw the title on him.

Titles shouldn't make wrestlers. Wrestlers should make titles. Seth Rollins certainly is not ready yet.

What do you think? Did the tease help Rollins? Sound off below.


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