TNA Gets It Right: New Knockouts Give Memorable Match

Christi LottCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2009

TNA made an example of the WWE this past Thursday with a great women's match.

I have been anticipating the debut of Sarita, AKA Sarah Stock AKA Dark Angel in CMLL for quite a while. I was a big fan of her wrestling in Mexico and was anxious to see what this tough-as-nails high flyer could do.

The first way this was great was Sarita didn't debut against just anybody. She wrestled Alissa Flash, better known to us as Cheerleader Melissa.

Melissa isn't just any random wrestler. She's a skilled veteran and can put on a great match with anybody. Instead of just laying down for the new face, Alissa nearly outshined her opponent.

These two knew exactly what they were doing and made everything about their match memorable and unique. In light of being on the show with "Crossing The Line" as their motto, these two women were brutal with each other.

Flash did everything in her physical power to annihilate and destroy Sarita, who did everything with her agility and speed to counter Flash's attempts.

The match finished in a roll-up, which allowed Flash to remain looking strong instead of taking a clean pin, and even attacked Sarita when the match was over. Both can do nothing more but continue to rise up the ranks and give the rest of the Knockouts a run for their money.

TNA without a doubt made an example of the WWE: This is how you let your female wrestlers shine. Let them be physical, be tough, take each other to the limits.

For two (considered) no-name debuts to get the reaction they got in their first matches for TNA, it's a major step in the right direction for a division that was once on the verge of forever lagging behind the WWE.

Now, the shoe's on the other foot.