Historic Rivalries of The Pittsburgh Steelers: Part IV

Summer hamiltonCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2009

The rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens is one of the most intense that the NFL has ever seen. Their games include hard hits, plenty of trash talking, and finishes that are real nail-biters. Both teams, being known for their defense, usually tear each other up with their amazing skills.

The main reason for this rivalry is probably that they are both in the AFC North, and are both really good, so they meet in a lot of playoff games. It could also be that a lot of people that were living in Pittsburgh at the time of their crisis moved to Baltimore for career opportunities, so the Pittsburgh loyalists hate them.

Whatever the reason, these two teams hate each other with a passion, and you can definitely tell that when they are playing. Especially when they play in Pittsburgh, because the Steelers fans have little Raven voodoo dolls.

Another thing that you can tell, however, is how much respect these guys, and some of their fans, really have for each other. That is evident also when they play, because most players show a high level of sportsmanship.

My personal thought every time the Steelers play them, is that I really don't want to, because I'm terrified they will get their butts whooped. I'm sure that thought occurs for fans of both teams, because we are pretty evenly matched.

As long as these two teams play each other, you can bet that they will have a big audience watching.