The Voice: Subtle and Silent

EmmaAnalyst IJuly 19, 2009

The voice.

The voice is the drive behind the most basic of our actions; it dictates all that we do, though oft goes undetected. It quells the deepest of ambitions; brings to the surface our darkest hopes.

The voice...The voice is unwelcome, calling out at our every failure. Calling, calling...yet when we expect to hear it, we hear nothing.

It attacks us; leaves nothing unsaid; after any triumph, brings us crashing back down to earth. The voice...The voice is a test, a test of character. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we slip into the darkness, the void of defeat—defeated by the voice.

Sometimes, in a glorious moment, we defeat the voice, and the voice sinks back into silence. Yet the silence deafens, and allows for the building of egos; allows for the mistakes of human nature; allows for us to ultimately destroy ourselves.

The voice...The voice is the roaring engine, the fast-flowing current; destroying everything in its path.

The voice is our identity; our definition.

Without it, we are nothing.