Dayton Moore Post Ticks Off Kansas City Royal Fans

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IMay 8, 2008

So apparently I ticked off some Royals fans with my recent post about GM Dayton Moore. I wrote my opinions about why I felt that the Royals were on the wrong track offensively. In particular I stated my stats based research showed that the Royals had put together a lineup that had no power and no discipline at the plate.The Royals as of today are third from the bottom in runs produced. Yet some fans commented that Moore had the team “headed in the right direction”.OK…I guess when you are swimming on the bottom the only direction is up!

As of now the Royals record is 15-18…not too bad, but until they change their offensive philosophy they will eventually sink into last place . With the weather warming up so will the Detroit Tigers.

Lastly my comment:

“ Moore is a Fellowship of Christian Athletes guy. With Moore at the helm having total control of personnel decisions the Royals will not have a prayer. The dude just doesn’t get it.”

Some misconstrued this as me being a Christian phobic. I am far from it. Actually I like the work that Moore does out side of his baseball life.I just don’t thing that he should have final say on everything when it comes to building the Royals.