MMA INKED: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Ryan WalesSenior Analyst IMay 8, 2008

First and foremost let me state I am a tattooed scumbag. I'd never write an article outing somebody if I hadn't spent my time in the chair. Watching the amount of MMA that I do, I can't help but want to discuss some of the guys we love and hate so much.

The Good

Jeff Monson-The tattoo that caught my immediate attention was the hand print on his ribcage. It looks like it has an eye in the middle, and maybe a reference to the "Third Eye". From experience I can tell you that had to hurt like hell. Monson has a bunch of other tats and a pretty sweet sleeve on his left arm. He is one of those guys that looks ten times badder because of his tats.  

Aleksander Emelianenko- Russian Mafia tattoo's, combined  with that dead behind the eyes look he has and it becomes very unsettling. I'm waiting for him to shank someone during the staredown. I don't condone organized crime, but those tats are some of the most intimidating in the sport.

Chris Leben- I love Japanese themed work and Leben has some good ones. Leben's back-piece is awesome and I'm sure we will see some new work at the UFC 85 weigh-in.

Notable mention goes to Alessio Sakara.


The Bad

Joe Riggs-I've always thought tattooing your name or nickname on your body was a bad idea. Riggs takes it to a whole new level with the "Diesel" tat. But just to make sure he knows who he is at all times he tattooed "Riggs" on his right Pectoral, thanks Joe!

Tim Sylvia- That superman tattoo is just plain bad. I try not to bag on Sylvia because he takes a lot of unwarranted crap, but that tattoo is awful. Throw in that bad tribal and your officially cliche'.


The Ugly

Brock Lesnar-I hereby crown Lesnar as king of the bad tattoo. Somebody should have told him that sword-knife thing on his chest would be a bad idea. It looks like a big....we all know what it looks like.

Robert Berry- The guy has "cage" and "rage" on his under arms, so when he takes his weigh in pictures we all know which promotion he fights for. I hope they gave him a long contract.

I'm sure there are some differing opinions, so I look forward to hear from the masses and your take on who has the best and worst ink.