Yankees' Batters Afraid of Scoring Runs

joaquin encinasContributor IMay 8, 2008

I've never seen the Yankees' hitters afraid of scoring runs like I have in the past couple of days.

Yesterday they had a chance against Lee with two outs.  With two men in scoring position, you could see the face of Matsui at the plate—he was terrified by Lee's pitches.

Last year with Joe Torre as manager this did not happen.  Players were confident they could win at any point in every ball game.

I think part of the problem is that the players are not confident with Girardi as manager. They see him as another player, not as their coach.

Also, the batting slumps of Giambi and Cano are more like a habit—now they just don't want to bat. Cano does not even want to run the bases.

This is a critical situation for the Yankees. It won't be easy to contend for the Wild Card with teams like the Rays, Orioles, and Oakland.

The Yankees have to get their act together. Winning the division is the only way they can make it into the playoffs.