TNA Wrestling: Re-Booked!

adam smereckiCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2009

TNA Victory Road is on the horizon and I have to tell ya, it's a total mess.

Most TNA fans will agree that the show has been hard to swallow. TNA still has a problem with direction and over-booking storylines.

It would be impossible to re-book the entire company's progress up to this point, but I feel the need to shake things up a bit.

Here is my vision for Victory Road:


Sting vs. Samoa Joe 

This is one of the match ups that TNA did surprisingly get right. Samoa Joe with Taz in his corner is intriguing and Sting should be making his rounds with young talent before his retirement.

One advantage my vision has for this match is new ring attire for Samoa Joe. I think a singlet is in order to match the ring style of Taz.

The face paint and pajama bottoms have to go (especially now that Joe is in the Main Event Mafia). Samoa Joe goes over in this via a clean pin.


6 Man Tag Team Match (Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, Daniels vs. Booker T, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash)

No, the "Legends Championship" is not on the line. In fact the Legends title is no longer in existence in our case here. TNA can come up with a "TV Title" but the Legends title just has to go.

This match is more a struggle for power between the MEM and the originals than anything else. The Main Event Mafia will go over in this one via interference by Mick Foley. Foley will join the MEM officially.


Beer Money Inc. vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

This match is something that should have happened a long time ago. I am not sure what TNA's issue is with the MMG but it's time, it's their time. The Motor City Machine Guns will go over in this one and become new TNA Tag Team Champions.


Homicide vs. Suicide

This is another match that TNA got right...almost.

This match has everything to do with the Impact video game. If you have played the game, then you know LAX put the Suicide character in the hospital. I am not condoning booking matches because of a video game but hey TNA is already at this point.

As we all know Suicide is Kaz under the mask. I see Homicide going over in this one to retain X-Division title but,Kaz will be revealed as the man under the mask.

If you are a Myspace user you can see Kaz is a christian and proud to be "forgiven". I think his faith should be part of his de-masking.


Monster's Ball: Abyss vs. Stevie Richards

There is not much to say about this one. This match should be bloody and violent. Stevie Richards will go over in this one with help from Raven and Daffney. Raven's contract status is in question here, but TNA has brought him in before for such appearances.


Tara vs. Angelina Love

This return match would be fairly short but Tara will be able to show off her skill. Tara will retain the title with help from The Beautiful People officially breaking up the played-out stable.


AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

This match should be the best out of three falls. The match would resemble 3 stages of hell match but without the falls count anywhere.

The first match would be a straight match, the second would be a submission match and the third inside the six sides of steel.

AJ Styles is long overdue to win the TNA title. AJ will go over in this match to become the TNA World Champion.

Styles will win clean and will be congratulated by Bobby Lashley.This will leave fans wondering where Lashley's affiliation is. Is it with the MEM or the TNA originals?