What the WWE Should Do (in My Opinion)

Adnan AhmedContributor IJuly 18, 2009

Now as we all know the WWE has taken a toll for the worse in the past five or six years it's not a the fun kick the crap out of someone or bikini matches anymore so this is what they should do to make things a little more interesting.


Replace WWE Superstars

Now come on serioulsy almost no one watches this and what i think they should do is make this the kids show and have the top three shows be PG-14 or whatever they had back in the attitude days.


Better Storylines

Especially on RAW we have been watching Orton vs HHH for a good six and a half to seven months now. We get that you want to show Randy as the top dog but don't stretch it over six months, this was suppposed to be over after Wrestlemania 25 but obviosly the RAW brand writers have something else and something crappier in mindl.


Ultilize Talent

Vince Mcmahon has a history of not using superstars to their full potential. A few examples: Christian, Kane, Kizarny, R-thruth. Like come on we spent how long seeing vignettes for Thruth and Kizarny. Kizarny just had two or three television appearences and got released and I fear that's what's going to happen to R-truth soon because he got a great push when he first arrived but then got lost in the crowd and is now jobbing to Kane who is going to retire soon.


So, if you're someone on the WWE staff reading this please try to make changes