Where Are They Now??? Peter Warrick...

Luis OrtizContributor IJuly 18, 2009

15 Apr 2000:   NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and Peter Warrick after Warrick was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals during the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft at the Paramount Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York. Mandatory Credit: M. David Leeds/ALLSPORT


Hello Ladies and Gent's, here is another installment of my weekly article Where are they now, Peter Warrick..... 

Former NCAA 2x All American also Sugar Bowl M.V.P of 2000 nick name "The Great one" Peter Warrick was at the time the best wide receiver the nation had seen in a college program in a while leading his school (Florida State) to two National Championship appearances and a shoe-in for the "Heisman award" until a little department store scandel took place.

Drafted fourth overall by the Cincinnati Bengals, Warrick was expected to continue his human highlight moves in the PRO'S but never filled the expectations that the N.F.L thought he would. Only catching a career high 79 catches for 819 yds and getting replaced by 7th round pick T.J Houshmandzadeh due to injuries.

Cut by the Bengals and signed by the Seahawks Warrick did not get much playing time and only started for the Seahawks as a Punt returner in SuperBowl XL, After that season Warrick was cut from The Seahawks.

Warrick would sign with Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena Football League but would be a no show. A couple of other teams (N.F.L) would contact him for workouts but he was a no go.

After a try in Canadian League it never worked out for him or the League.

Now Peter Warrick is playing for a indoor football League (I.F.L) where he only makes 200 dollars a game and $250 if the team wins, He say's that he does it for the love of the game and the pay he has made more then 10 million in the time he spent in the N.F.L and hasnt even cashed a pay check form the (I.F.L).