I've Done the Unimaginable...I've Rallied Up!

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2009

You've read right, Jabot has rallied up with Ricky Ortiz. Now, I know a couple months back I wrote an article on Tommy Dreamer and Ricky Ortiz, and in it I let loose on Fatty Dreamer and Ricky Ortiz. And I mean I really let Ortiz have it.

That was back in February, so let's fast forward to the now. As of right now, I'm a Ricky Ortiz fan. He was drafted to the blue brand via the WWE supplemental draft. He made his SmackDown! debut in May against Jeff Hardy...and lost.

Ortiz started to do these rally up videos on WWE.com after SmackDown! went off and they caught my attention.

It wasn't until he started teaming with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas that I started to notice how it looked like he had improved. I said to myself, "Self" and myself said, "Hmm?" and I said, "Ricky Ortiz isn't half bad; maybe he can do something in the ring."

Last week on WWE Superstars he really impressed the hell out of me in his match against R-Truth. Hell, that should have been the main event! I can now say that I am a Ricky Ortiz fan.

Seems like he'd be a good power wrestler, very agile. He doesn't mind flying every so often. To be honest, he actually reminds me of Billy Jack Haynes, which is a great compliment.

All he needs now is a valet (Layla) and he'll be set to go. Ortiz, you made me eat my words; you proved me wrong and turned me into a fan of yours...don't mess it up.