Kansas City Chiefs: What a draft

Cody TroccoliCorrespondent IMay 8, 2008

The Kansas City Chiefs had a amazing NFL Draft. 

Before the draft even started, they traded Defensive End Jared Allen to the Minnesota Vikings for a first round pick and two third round picks.

I did not like this trade because Jared Allen is a elite DE and he could be the best in the league, but the Chiefs more than made up for his absence.

Herm Edwards said before the Draft that he want to get six starters out of it and he got it. 

With the fifth overall pick in the draft they selected DT Glenn Dorsey from LSU. I like that pick because last year they got destroyed on the inside run game and Dorsey will really help.

With the vikings first round pick they traded up two spots to get Bradon Albert OG from Virgina because they were last in the NFL is rushing and also was in the bottom five in sacks allowed.

The rest of the draft they selected Brandon Flowers CB from Virgina Tech, Jamal Charles RB from Texas, Brad Cottem TE from Tennessee and DaJaun Morgan SS from North Carolina State.

They also got some good reserves but those six will be in there starting line up.

I predict that the Chiefs will be 7-9 next season and just miss the playoffs.