Bring Back Extreme! The Death of ECW

D-KwikContributor IJuly 18, 2009

ECW! ECW! ECW! Hell yeah! Extreme Championship Wrestling, where anything can be used as a weapon! This is hardcore wrestling.

Now what do you remember about ECW. We remember that every man that wrestled was completely out of their mind and willing to do anything to their bodies...Now before I finish that sentence what do you think the answer is?

If you guessed that they do this for us the fans than you are correct! They sacrificed their bodies every night, for OUR entertainment!

Now that's a commitment to their job. If you're a desk worker and your boss asked you if you would go throw flaming tables and get hit with barbed-wire bats, would you do it?

I don't know but if MickeyD's asked me to do a show like the original ECW, I think I would pass. These men and women had so much passion for the business.

And they showed us every single night that they were fearless, in every way shape possible.

One vision that I will forever have stuck in my head is when Raven crucified the Sandman, I was just a young-en but that was a hell of a sight to see.

ECW was great, It looked like it would keep up with WWE and WCW, but in 2001, it was shut down, when Paul Heyman declared Bankruptcy.

I was extremely disappointed (no pun intended), but I got over it soon enough. Unknowingly Vinnie Mac bought ECW and brought it back in the Alliance storyline.

This was awesome might I admit, because we got to see WCW and ECW collide with WWE. Every dream came true for us fans. This was amazing but then after the storyline ended, ECW died back down.

We remember the One Night Stand Pay-Per-View that gave us another thirst for more hardcore wrestling!

Our prayers were answered when it was finally brought back as a WWE brand. We had new light and we were completely ready for the re-birth of extreme.

I watched the debut in anticipation, and quickly realized what was going on and i said to myself, "What the hell is this garbage?!" As we have seen the N-E-W ECW.

V-Mac pretty much sucked us dry on that. It was so disappointing but at least they were doing some good matches and had good storylines, until the ECW originals started dropping like flies!

Sabu, Sandman, Raven, and even RVD. We were seeing new guys come in and less and less Extreme rules matches.

What were we seeing? What was going on? I'll tell you what's going on, we were witnessing the death of extreme wrestling.

Vince stabbed it with a fork until it could'nt move anymore. What are we watching now a days?

It's like a lame version of Raw and Smackdown. It's pretty much like Heat or Velocity. Bunch of low rate superstars in a one hour period.

I'm not saying ECW does'nt have talent but it doesn't have popularity. Christian is there top guy after everyone they had, leaving.

How often do we get a chance to see some real action like an ECW Extreme Rules Match? Once every 4 Pay-Per-Views? If that now with the whole PG rating.

Which in my opinion does'nt make sense. I scratch my head when they say they are PG when there whole show is about violence? Do we let it go kind of like a cartoon?

What do my fellow bleaches think (I'll put in a poll)?

But anyways, what do we have to look forward too when it comes to this garbage with the legendary name ECW?

In my opinion it's a disgrace to what ECW has ever accomplished and what they stand for, but that's just me.

My opinion doesn't matter but I bet a lot of you agree with me. R.I.P ECW (1992-2001)