Why Replace a Stop Gap with a Stop Gap?!?

Charlie WilsonContributor IJuly 18, 2009

SEATTLE - APRIL 19:  Ronny Cedeno #3 of the Seattle Mariners high fives Ichiro Suzuki #51 after hitting a home run against the Detroit Tigers during the game on April 19, 2009 at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Since the Boston Red Soxs have decided to do whatever they can to get rid of Julio Lugo, including paying air fare and full nights stay at one's own choice hotel, there has been an all out free for all with every and any team that had any questions within the middle infield that faintly resembles something like the all-out brawl from Anchorman and really is just as ludicrous as the random fight scene in the movie, when you stop to realize who they are all trying to get.


Looking back at his history he had a part of the Boston Red Soxs team that won the World Series in 2007. He is also a  versatile player with a league average bat. But his defense has been everything including disappointing.

His what used to be league average defensive play has culminated to infuriating -8.2 at short just this year, and has been on a steady decline for the past three. He is 34 and while you've seen players in the past have career years up til 36, 37 and even 38 they are not testing for PEDs.

Tell me, as a Seattle Mariners fan, why would you settle for a league average bat and a below average glove? Wait, didn't we just dump that player on Bill Bavasi jr? Now include the fact that the player is showing his age and has no upside. What say you?

You could argue the point that he's an upgrade over the current situation of Ronny Cedeno and taking in this years stats, offensively he would be. But defensively, Cedeno is posting a 2.8 UZR showing he is just above league average at short and yeah his RAR (runs above replacement) is a sad -2.5 Lugo has posted a -3.0 RAR this year. 

Yeah we could sign him for league minimum but why? On top of that, the last week Ronny has got himself a little hot streak. Now I know this won't last, but it's a positive sign from a once lifeless source.

An acquisition of this type makes no sense. A stop gap when you already have a stop gap in place?? Instead a play for the future should and must be made. Yes, there has been suggestions to go get JJ Hardy or Reid Brignac. But the point is the next move made for the middle infield is going to have long reaching and effects past just this year. No Jack Wilson, no Freddy Sanchez, and no Garrett Atkins.

If you want my opinion (which if your reading this of course you do.) we should be targeting guys like Jason Donald of Philly(who needs pitching) who is major league ready and has no entry with both Jimmy Rollins at short and Chase Utley in at second, or try to pry either Hector Gomez or Chris Nelson from the Rockies who have the two prospects plus Troy Tulowitzki slotted at short. These moves are for the future. 

They all are close to major league ready or in fact are and don't currently have an opportunity with proven big leaguers blocking the way.

Why stop gap when you already have a stop gap.