A Sight to Remember: Tampa Bay Rays May Never Be the Same

Luis OrtizContributor INovember 8, 2016

The Rays have some issue's that need tending to this coming offseason all depending on the fan attendance this second half.

Some of the Rays in the picture above (Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena) might not be in the picture for next season with poor attendance after a great 2008 campaign reaching the World Series for the first time in the 10 years of existence and also selling out the seat's for the first time.

The 2009 season was expected to be a good year for the Rays (profit), the defending American League Champions returning with the same team and the addition of Pat Burrell, but six-and-a-half games behind division leading Red Sox, the Rays are still having trouble putting fan's in the stands.

The Rays cannot afford to pay Carl Crawford $8.2 million, Scott Kazmir $6 million and Carlos Pena $8 million all due in 2009. One big loss is $4.4 million that Troy Percival will receive since he was on the Major League roster (now that is a waste).

Sources say that if attendance does not start to boost up this year, the Rays will start to shop some of their marquee players: Crawford and Pena.

The problem with Central Florida is if they are not already Braves fans, they did not really have a team to call their own. A lot of people in Tampa Bay are Yankee fans due to the spring training taking place there!

What the Rays need to do is play well and continue to do so for the next couple of years until this generation of children grow up and start to attend games with friends and or boy/girl friends on dates since the parents of these future Rays fans already have a team they root for.