The Ten Most Disappointing Career-Altering Injuries

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The Ten Most Disappointing Career-Altering Injuries
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Injuries are the great unknown in sports. We don't know when they will come, who they will hit, and how devastating the long term effects will be.

On the one hand, we have Sam Bowie, whose foot injury completely ruined his career.

On the other hand, we have Michael Jordan, who recovered perfectly from the foot fracture that cost him his whole second season.

As a sports fan, it is downright terrifying to consider all the memories possibly lost if Jordan hadn't been able to run as fast, cut as quick, and jump as high. Nike would still just be a Greek God and Gatorade a Florida fad.

Which is why I consider the career-altering injury the saddest thing in sports.

Watching the post-injury player is like watching a three-legged dog. You start to tear up. You want to look away. And all you can think, "What a shame..."

In honor of anybody who has ever blown, torn, or shattered an essential body part, this is a list of the ten biggest what-if career-altering injuries of the last 25 years.

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