Five Friendly Suggestions To The New York Mets To Not Lose The Fanbase

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Five Friendly Suggestions To The New York Mets To Not Lose The Fanbase
At the end of the day, the Mets Police love the Mets and wish them nothing but success.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of days where this franchise can't get out of its own way.  With that in mind, we offer some suggestions to our friends in Flushing.

In no particular order, but starting with the stuff that is top of mind...and I won't even call for ticket price cuts or a uniform overhaul.

1.  Hang some Mets stuff up at Citi Field.

The number one rip on this franchise seems to include the word "Dodgers."   It would cost a few thousand bucks to get some Mets banners and images made and hung.   The Yankees have figured out some ways to do it

How about a statue of Seaver between the 7-train and the rotunda.   The Cubs have the right idea.

2.  Retire #17

It has been nearly 50 years, and only one number has been retired for performance on the field.   While he wasn't here the longest, he was one of the most influential, and has a current relationship with the team.  Stop giving #17 to every Tom, Fernando and Harry and put it up on the fence.  If you need to know the player's name you are on the wrong site.   In a few years add a few others, starting with Gooden.  I'd be slow to retire a certain someone's number until "the list" has come out.   We know Keith did cocaine, we're long since over it.   Knowing the luck of the Mets, that other player's name is likely to be revealed the day after they retire his number - so why not wait until that plays out.

3.  Have Old-Timers Day.

Last week on WFAN, Evan Roberts said that some Mets officials said it was "too much work" to have Old Timer's Day.  With Ron & Keith upstairs, Hojo in the dugout, Bobby O at SNY, Carter and Buddy out in Islip with the Ducks, and the Yankees figured out where Cone and Mazzilli are - it really can't be that hard.  Throw $50,000 at Seaver and tell him to leave the grapes for a day and just have it.  Give me some phone numbers and a date and I'll work on it for you.  We can even invite some Brooklyn Dodgers if that will grease the wheels.

4.  Have Banner Day.

This too is a no-brainer.   I know the days of the doubleheader are gone, but why not have it at noon some day before a Sunday afternoon game.   In the age of blogs, I don't think the Mets have to worry about being sensitive to a critical blog.

5.  Stop insulting the fans with fees.

Why does it cost $5 to buy a $20 ticket?   These "service charges" and "processing fees" are an insult to your fans.  It can't cost $5 worth of electrons to print out a ticket.  Since cutting ticket prices is something the team won't want to admit to, here's a nice way to give back to what will once again be cranky off-season fans.  (Similarly, don't charge $30 for McCartney parking, which has nothing to do with the baseball team but does take place at Citi Field.)

I've previously made some other suggestions here but I think the above would go a long way to showing the fans that somebody in Wilpon Inc. is listening.
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