Spurs May Field The Deepest Team

Kerry ReeseContributor IIJuly 17, 2009

Through incredible front office work and a little luck, the team that has been jeered as being too old has suddenly engaged in a youth movement and may be the deepest team in the league. This team will present multiple looks to the opponent. The starting unit will continue to feature the low post threat in Tim Duncan and the ungaurdable dribble penetration of Tony Parker but now joining them will be a skilled wing player with the ability to get the rim at will in Richard Jefferson. Last year he average 6 free throw attempts which is a drastic improvement over Finley's 0.6. Also along side Duncan will be more athletic teammate in McDyess who can make mid-range shots from anywhere on the floor unlike his predecessor, Matt Bonner. This unit is the typical Spur half court team that excels at running pick and rolls to an art form. In comes the second unit providing a totally different look. With a healthy Manu Ginobli leading the way the Spurs can run a "Nelly-like" uptempo game with Mason and Hill in the back court and Blair and Mihinmi joining Ginobli in the front court. That's 10 rotation players! Of course Pop will find time for Finley and Bonner's 3 point shooting and Malik Hairston soon replace Bruce Bowen as that lock down defender but with the ability to make the 3 as well as finish at the rim. Marcus Williams, the 14th player on this very deep team may find minutes if Pop chooses to go with a point-forward look. The optimism is extremely high among the Spurs faithfully and for good reason. The Spurs may open this season with a lot of new faces but those new faces may very well result in this being the deepest Spurs team of all time.