New York Baseball: Is The Pitching Worse than the Yankee Curse?

tim sweeneyCorrespondent IMay 7, 2008

Here we are in another baseball season, and the Yankees seem to be in a tailspin. In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel that I must tell you that I am a Yankees fan.

I just don't know what's going on with this team. Hank Steinbrenner's mouth must be the same size as his shoe, because that's where his foot seems to be!

This reminds me of the days when George was the center of the Yankee Universe, and the team was known more for what was said off the diamond than what was going on between the lines.

The shirt buried at the new stadium became such a tedious thing. Yankee fans never bought into any of that curse nonsense! We should have laughed that off, and got on to the business of watching the most storied franchise in all of sports.

The holes in the Yankee's rotation should be the topic. Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlin, while all good, are young, and seem to be getting hit hard like a boxer with his hands down. Andy Pettite is not the pitcher that departed for Houston some years ago. Pettite still may come out of his funk and pitch the Yankees to some wins. Mike Mussina is a good anchor for the staff, but he can't carry the whole load.

And if the game I saw on Apr. 17th at Yankee Stadium is an indication, he'll have a tough time going six or seven innings, and he'll tire quickly.

As this season goes on, I hope less time is devoted to buried Red-Sox shirts and curses, and more time is spent by Hank steinbrenner building up this proud team.