Midfield Problems for Manchester United---a Headache for SAF?

Aashish SalotraContributor IJuly 17, 2009

Ronaldo has left to Spain, Tevez has joined the Rivals- Owen has arrived but Strikers are not the only ones who United are cared about. They still have to sort out their Mid-field problems which may provide even more headache for Sir Alex.

Before really starting on with this article of mine, I'll like to mention the names of midfielders, the Manchester United team currently possesses. So, here I go with a list of United mid-field options :

4] Owen Hargreaves

8] Anderson

11] Ryan Giggs

13] Park Ji-Sung

14] Zoran Tosic

16] Michael Carrick

17] Nani

18] Paul Scholes

24] Darren Fletcher

28] Gibson

and the latest signing being Antonio Valencia

With Gibson having renewed his contract recently, he surely looks to be heading in playing XI. But the problem rises for Sir Alex Ferguson [as United usually play with a 4-4-2 formation] so as to decide which 4 midfielders to play amongst these 11 players. Leaving aside Tosic and Gibson, rest 9 can't be ignored a position in playing XI for long. And then, you can't really manage 9 to 11 midfielders on a rotational policy.

If you you tend to ask United fans, they'll say be it Hargo, Ando, Scholesy, Fletcher, Park, Carrick, Giggs and even Nani are all important for the team which they surely are. But one thing that amazes me in this whole situation is MUFC fans expecting SAF to so some more signings such as even Ribery, just because they see the money in the United funds after the Ronaldo Transfer. Being sure, Valencia is going to be in the regular starting XI this season and even having high expectations from Anderson, I do believe, he, as well, is going to play many matches as expected to other mid-fielders.

Many of you might not agree [which I do], that if SAF has signed Valencia, there has to be something special in him. You can't really compare him to Ronaldo, but then, we have several strikers by the name of Wayne Rooney or Berbatov or our new No. 7 Michael Owen, we don't need a winger anymore to score goals but to provide assists. We've got Nani, who can provide unbelievable assists sometimes [though he is made to play sometimes :P], we have a-guy named Fletcher, our unsung hero, who is considered amongst the most sensible mids the team posseses currently alongwith Michael Carrick. We have an amazing passer of the ball with name of Paul Scholes. Anderson and Hargreaves belong to different breed as both can play attacking football, as well as, can even do real good man-marking. The problem might just be, who takes the freekicks for us, but with the good news just reported by BBC, that Hargo is coming back in Spetember, I see even this problem evaporating for Manchester United problem-book.

SO, In my opinion, its just the end of the road for the signings for this season. But we all know, SAF has been the best manager ever to have a managed a football club, and this time, with another challenge, it needs to be seen, how and in which positions does he play all these mid-fielders. Who to leave and who not to? Will the man from Scotland do it right yet again? Surely, Time will tell, but in SAF we believe!!!

MUFC tiLL DeaTH!!!