Will UFC Do A Celebrity Stunt Like Brock vs Shaq?

Tim ListAnalyst IJuly 17, 2009

MMA NEWS DESK reporter Arturo  Collozo Jr. reported that UFC president Dana White was on "Into The Night with Tony Bruno" and talked about UFC 100, the possibilities of ever seeing a Brock-Fedor showdown, and Brock vs Shaq. Seriously. Here are the words of the Ultimate Fight prexy:

"Shaq texts and Twitters me all the time saying he wants to fight Brock Lesnar. He's been training for 10 years; Shaq's probably the only dude in the NBA that can actually fight...I told Shaq, I said listen, 'Win another NBA championship this year and then we'll talk next year.'"

A celebrity freak show would be rejected in a big way by tourists, but would bring an awful lot of attention to UFC. As for Brock vs Shaq, it woulnd never happen; and if it did:

"Shaq would be demolished and injured badly," Collozo told Bleacher Report. "Brock has been on defense for so little time in the Octagon against top level fighters Randy Couture, Frank Mir, and Heath Herring. Shaq would be demolished in record time, and suffer permanent damage."