Promoter Refers To MMA As Blood Sport

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2009

In today's edition of the Detroit Free Press there was an interview in the sports section with local MMA and boxing promoter and former boxing Golden Gloves contender Joe Donofrio.  Here is an excerpt from the interview with Donofrio done by Mike Brudenell, a boxing columnist for the Free Press who from time to time covers MMA.

Q: What do you favor -- boxing or MMA?

A: Boxing is a chess match, a game of skill and wits. MMA is a bloodthirsty battle -- it's a gladiator thing, a blood sport. You go in to beat your opponent in boxing. In MMA, you set out to destroy him. My roots are in boxing, so it's hard for me to deny them.

For me it is disturbing to see a promoter call MMA terms such as "bloodthirsty battle", "blood sport", and that competitors are "out to destroy their opponent".  Brudenell's MMA articles are generally positive about the sport covering local fighters in local events with back stories as to why this person chose MMA.  So to me this is an example of a promoter not thinking before he speaks. 

Also with the way Donofrio references boxing as a game of skill and wits, and a comment in the interview that he decided to promote one MMA show but because he had held boxing events at the same venue that did not sell nearly as well he decided to continue promoting MMA.  I think Donofrio is more of a boxing promoter trying to make a quick buck promoting MMA since his boxing promotion has not done that well.

This could be a serious problem though because most people who read the article will see a supposed MMA promoter calling MMA a blood sport and see that as what MMA is.