NFL: Matt Walsh Finally Hands Over Tapes But Not Of Super Bowl

John LewisSenior Writer IMay 7, 2008

According to sources former New England Patriots videographer Matt Walsh handed over eight tapes that supposedly have other teams' play calling signals on them.  However, missing in action is the infamous pre-game walk-through Walsh spoke of before the St. Rams and New England Patriots played in Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002.

The Pats have denied any such allegations of video taping the walk-through before playing the Rams.  Roger Goodell conducted interviews with head coach Bill Belichick and other members of the Patriots before and after Super Bowl XLII regarding the alleged taping, and found no evidence to substantiate the further taping allegations.  The Patriots had already been fined and had to forfeit their first round draft pick this year.

On February 15, 2008 former Ram Willie Gary filed a $100 million lawsuit against the Patriots, Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft.  The suit has since been dropped.

If the Super Bowl walk through tape ever shows up how can the Rams be compensated?  Should the Patriots name be stricken from the record books and their rings taken away?  The only likely scenario is another fine and more draft picks taken.

There will certainly be more to this story as it unfolds.