Dallas Cowboys: From Terrell Owens to Pacman Jones....Who Could Be Worse?

Christian WindhamCorrespondent IMay 7, 2008

Dallas Cowboys,

 With Dallas losing to the team that hurt the most, the New York Giants.

When Dallas lost to the Giants for the only time all season it hurt the most, it ended there season of pride.

Dallas took chances in this years draft by taking Felix Jones in the first round, after losing Julius Jones. They also took numerous DB's to replace the ones they lost.

I think with the chance's Jerry Jones has taken when getting Terrell Owens as a highly known star receiver. Which before with the Cowboys has torn apart teams in the 49'ers along with the Eagles. Dallas took a chance with Tank Johnson, from Chicago which made a big impact on the defensive side of the ball.

This year's big chance is Adam "Pacman" Jones. Everybody knows his troubles, but Jerry Jones takes another chance and give another star athlete a second chance.

 Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are getting star athletes that nobody wants. He is spending less money on three players then spending the money on just one.

Dallas has a stout defense this year while moving around Roy Williams, and putting Newman over the top, with his quickness and replacing corner with Pacman.

does that sound good?

Dallas Super Bowl Champs?