Panthers Offseason Moves So Far... 4-16-09

Austin ArnoldContributor IJuly 16, 2009

I'm been pretty disappointed in Carolina this off season. First they sign Jordan Gross to a 60 million dollar contract. 30.5 mill. in first 3 seasons. Now don't get me wrong I love what Jordan Gross and those guys on the front line there, but after that we were in a money crunch. 

Next come the Julius Peppers story, in headlines Peppers wants out of Carolina. Peppers wants to fit in a 3-4  defense. After the draft and everything we signed Peppers to an on year tender, for 16.4 Million dollars. This is good for this year, but next year we will have uncertainty about his years of being a Panther.

To make room for Peppers contract we dropped D.J Hackett who started two games, 13 receptions, for 181 yards. Jeremy Bridges who played 14 games, started four of them,  Nick Goings who had nine carries, for 10 yards, Mark Jones witch is one of the more questionable people to me. Jones was the Carolina Panthers kick return specialist who made good field position, for Delhomme to start, and last but not least Ken Lucas who was struggling to help the Panthers win. 

In the draft we picked up Everett Brown from Florida State, to do this we did some not to smart we gave up our first round draft pick. Now I think they knew they were going to sign Delhomme to an long term contract, so they don't have to worry about drafting a rookie Quarterback in next years draft. 

In these moves to save Julius Peppers were good, but it would take some thing else big. Fortunately, we resigned Jake Delhomme to an five year deal for 42.5 Million dollars. I know what some of you are saying Austin it's not smart and were spending more money. No we are not, we are actually spending less money over a period of time. The only problem with that contact is we locked him in as our guy till 2014 (40).