Bleacher Report Tries to Make Amends With Duped Correspondent Applicants

Don FishCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2009

LOUISVILLE, KY - MAY 02:  A race fan holds money during the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby on May 2, 2009 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

In the same notification letter that broke the hearts of thousands of NFL Correspondent hopefuls earlier this week, Bleacher Report CEO Dan Kelly also sent out a subtle notification of remorse to all the finalist that were recommended to for the position and instead were turned down for seasoned NFL professionals that worked around the system instead of through it.  He also offered up a consolation prize.

The offer?  $500 to all finalists that were recommended for the NFL Correspondent position in which the job was given to an external writer (one whom did not submit their work through bleacher report).


Additionally, those finalists would receive a feature weekly column on the Bleacher Report web page.


Through an email sent out by Bleacher Report Assignment Desk Editor Rory Brown, CEO Dan Kelly explained… “It was our goal for all 32 Correspondents to come from Bleacher Report. In fact, the quality of the contributors was so exceptional that if it were possible we wish we could have found a way for all of the Bleacher Report finalists to have received offers.


At the end of the day, with so many veteran journalists available and only 32 jobs to fill, assembled their team by combining some of the best talent from Bleacher Report with experienced journalists from the sports media world.”


Additionally Kelly adressed the consolation prize  by stating,  “Bleacher Report is inviting many of the best writers to be Featured Columnists here at Bleacher Report. Look to see these exemplary writers soon on our NFL team pages. 

To be sure all of the finalists who we recommended to receive recognition for their achievements, Bleacher Report has decided to give a $500 award to any finalist who was recommended for a position that ended up going to an external writer. We wish we could do more, but sadly isn’t in a position to offer everyone a job—and we can’t afford to buy everyone brand new sports cars. Award recipients will be contacted by Bleacher Report staff within the next three days.”


It’s not exactly what Bleacher Report finalists were hoping for, but at least it is something.  And something is certainly better than nothing at this point. 


Now get those featured columnist credentialed to attend training camp, practices, and home games and then we’re talking.  After all.... that's what all the applicants really wanted.  It was never about money or sports cars.  It was about the chance to experience a once in a life time event.  A chance for an average fan and amateur sports writer to go out and observe and talk to players and coaches up close.  It was a chance to live out a dream.


If Bleacher Report could pull that off in addition to offering a feature column, then I’m certain that the finalist would be more that satisfied.