Ex-WWE Star Mr. Kennedy Teaches Summer School

Tim ListAnalyst IJuly 16, 2009

In one of the funniest one-minute videos on the web right now, former WWE Superstar Ken "Mr. Kennedy" Anderson is seen riding out his 90-day non-compete clause with World Wrestling Entertainment by trying his hand at teaching summer school.

Just as he is about to introduce himself "Mr. Kennedy style," a mysterious "suit" walks in the room and shakes his head to show his displeasure with the attempt at using the WWE-copyrighted routine.

Ken(nedy) then just lowers his head like a whipped dog and underlines his name with great humility on the chalkboard.

A very funny video from an obviously very entertaining performer. It's online right now, causing all sorts of conversation.

In a brilliant move, Anderson (Kennedy) is airing his video on Paul Heyman's "Hustle" site, which is now on the CraveOnline Network. Heyman worked with Anderson in WWE Developmental system OVW and has been credited by Anderson for the creation of the ring introduction routine where Anderson (Kennedy) introduces himself by saying his last name twice.

Oh, and he has credited Heyman with coming up with the last name "Kennedy," not as a political reference, but because it's Vince McMahon's middle name.

You know, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Anderson is fantastic in this video, which gets our highest recommendation.