Did John Cena Return to Television Too Soon?

Team Stream NowB/R VideoSeptember 4, 2014

John Cena’s sudden return to television, after receiving the beating of a lifetime, has the jaded crowd uneasy.

The thought alone of “Super Cena” being back and primed to capture a sacrilegious 16th world championship has the Internet Wrestling Community on edge.

Many feel Cena should have stayed off television for an extended period of time before returning as a top star in decline. Thus far, that has not been the case.

But while Cena did come back too soon, it is very likely that this is part of a grander story that will eventually lead to a new, more compelling character. It’s not fair to assume Cena is simply blowing off Lesnar’s beating because he returned one week later.

This new Cena is desperate. Monday on Raw, he uncharacteristically threatened to sue if he did not receive his rematch against Lesnar. This appears to be an indication that Cena will enter his match against Lesnar in a weaker mental state before getting destroyed again.

WWE must capitalize on its blockbuster rivalry in a critical month for the WWE Network, so booking the rematch so quickly is understandable.

Despite how impressive he has looked since returning, the story of Cena’s demise may be closer than you think.


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