WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 4, 2014

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2014

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 4, 2014

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    Credit: WWE.com

    With only one week until the next WWE Network live event special, Takeover II, NXT presented a show featuring the four competitors involved in the heavyweight title bout, named new No. 1 contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships and spotlighted women's champion Charlotte in a singles bout against Alexa Bliss.

    A card consisting of six matches made for several short-but-explosive bouts that all had something to do with next week's special. That is the type of focused booking that WWE's main roster shows often lack and as a result, it makes for a much more enjoyable program.

    September 4 was a night of last-minute hype for a hotly anticipated Takeover II special, headlined by a huge Fatal 4-Way match for the top prize the brand has to offer.

    With that match at the forefront of fan consciousness, take a look at what went down to promote that contest, as well as the other title bouts on the stacked Takeover II lineup.

Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Just one week before her big title defense against Bayley, NXT Women's champion Charlotte squared off with spunky, cute rookie Alexa Bliss.

    Charlotte overwhelmed Bliss early, taking her down with a side headlock. Bliss escaped and applied one of her own. A headscissors stunned the champion, but a big gut buster slowed Bliss' momentum.

    Moments later, she finished Bliss off with Bow Down to the Queen for the win. 

    After the match, Bayley made her way to the ring and vowed to take the title from Charlotte at Takeover.

    Charlotte pie-faced Bayley, who responded with the Bayley-to-Belly.



    Charlotte, via pinfall, with Bow Down to the Queen


    Highlights and Quotes

    "She is no one to be taken lightly, despite her adorable size." —Renee Young on Alexa Bliss

    "She's probably coming to wish her good luck." —Young, sarcastically commenting on Bayley's arrival

    "It's time you start taking me seriously because at NXT Takeover, I'm seriously taking your title." —Bayley





    The segment did exactly what it was intended to do. Charlotte scored a win on her road to Takeover, then she and Bayley capped off the hype for their NXT Women's Championship match next week.

    Bayley getting the upper hand on the final episode before Takeover should make her fans nervous, given WWE's penchant for 50/50 booking, but NXT is booked very much like an old school territory so normal WWE conventions do not necessarily apply.

Tye Dillinger vs. Tyler Breeze

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Tyler Breeze was the first of the top contenders to the NXT Championship to compete Thursday night as he squared off with Tye Dillinger in one-on-one action.

    Dillinger caught Breeze with an atomic drop and proved to be much tougher competition to Prince Pretty than one may have thought. 

    Breeze unleashed with fury and aggression before grounding Dillinger and applying a front facelock.

    Breeze finished Dillinger off with the Beauty Shot, withstanding an early flurry from his opponent to score the win.



    Breeze, via pinfall, with the Beauty Shot 


    Highlights and Quotes

    "He's a real man!" —Renee Young on Tyler Breeze

    "He has nothing to lose here." —Young on Dillinger





    Though not the longest match, Breeze and Dillinger provided a surprisingly competitive bout that saw Dillinger get a nice amount of offense in early, frustrating his opponent and forcing him to unleash the aggression and intensity that ultimately won him the contest.

    Breeze looked strong heading into his match next week and at this point, that's all that matters.

Adam Rose vs. Tyson Kidd

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Tyson Kidd was next up, squaring off with Adam Rose in singles competition. After scoring several wins over Kidd, was Rose able to send Kidd into Takeover with a loss or would Kidd redeem himself?

    Kidd backed Rose into the corner and stomped away at him but quickly found the tables turned and himself on the receiving end of some backheel stomps by Rose.

    Kidd gained control of the bout, planting Rose with a snap suplex for two. Rose fought out of a sleeper with a jaw breaker, then unleashed a series of back elbows to the face of his opponent. 

    A dropkick to the knee led to Kidd applying the Sharpshooter. Rose tried to fight to the ropes but ultimately had no choice but to tap to the legendary submission hold.



    Kidd, via submission, with the Sharpshooter


    Highlights and Quotes

    "Tyson Kidd is one week away from achieving redemption." —Byron Saxton

    "Less lemons, more lemon drops. Let's go!" —Renee Young





    And with that, Adam Rose's undefeated streak comes to an end.

    Kidd scored the biggest win of any of his Takeover II opponents and is a clear favorite to win the NXT Championship. After a career renaissance in NXT, a championship victory would solidify his comeback and earn him the recognition he deserves.

    Rose continues to tumble following his much-hyped debut back in May. The loss means nothing, as evidenced by the lack of attention paid to it by the commentary team.

Sami Zayn vs. Marcus Louis

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    Sami Zayn entered the NXT Arena to a huge ovation by the brand's faithful. Marcus Louis...not so much.

    Zayn escaped a wrist lock but found himself on the receiving end of a bodyslam. Louis pounded his opponent in the corner and planted him with a backbreaker for two. A side headlock followed as Zayn was put in a position to show his toughness and resiliency.

    Zayn mounted an energetic comeback, planting Louis and locking in the Koji Clutch for the submission win.



    Zayn, via submission, with the Koji Clutch 


    Highlights and Quotes

    "I've never seen a Hair vs. Hair match I didn't like." —Renee Young






    Louis is incredibly green, something that was exposed in Thursday night's match. With that said, Zayn did a fine job of leading him along and scoring an impressive win over his bigger opponent.

    Purely a showcase for Zayn, who may be the fans' favorite to leave next week's Takeover with the NXT Championship.

Adrian Neville vs. CJ Parker

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    Parker backed Neville into the corner and ran his mouth, to which Neville responded by completely outclassing him.

    The Eco-friendly Superstar took control for a brief moment in time, but Neville fought back, blasting his opponent with two running back elbows to the face. A dropkick put Parker down, and Red Arrow finished seconds later.



    Neville, via pinfall, with Red Arrow 


    Highlights and Quotes

    "It's one thing to be the champ, it's another thing to keep fighting for that." —Renee Young






    Remember when CJ Parker showed signs of improvement as an in-ring competitor while working against Xavier Woods and even more improvement as a character when he turned heel? Neither does WWE Creative.

    Parker got his fair share of offense in but was no match for Neville, who cruised to a victory with Red Arrow.

    Commentators pointed out that Adrian Neville has headlined all three NXT specials. Will that change after Takeover II? More importantly, does it have to in order to provide a fresher product?

Sin Cara and Kalisto vs. the Vaudevillains

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    The finals of the tag team tournament headlined this week's show as Sin Cara and Kalisto squared off with The Vaudevillains.

    Aiden English and Kalisto started the match off for their respect teams, exchanging some solid chain wrestling before Kalisto caught English with a dazzling arm drag. He tagged Sin Cara into the bout, then delivered a double kick to the back and a standing moonsault for two.

    Simon Gotch was tagged into the match, but Sin Cara unleashed a flurry of offense. A dropkick sent the masked luchador to the arena floor and turned the tide in the heels' favor.

    Sin Cara dodged a shoulder into the corner, and English landed shoulder-first into the steel post.

    Kalisto and Gotch got the hot tags, with the former using his flashy offense to offset Gotch's power advantage.

    A huge dive onto English at ringside and the senton from Sin Cara scored the win for the luchadors.



    Sin Cara and Kalisto, via pinfall, when Sin Cara pinned Gotch 


    Highlights and Quotes

    "I think our GM William Regal would be absolutely giddy if these two were to win the NXT Tag Team Championships." —Tom Phillips on The Vaudevillains

    "I can't imagine the time it takes to prepare for Sin Cara and Kalisto." —Byron Saxton






    Easily the match of the night as both teams paid off the tournament with a quality tag tournament to cap off this week's show.

    Sin Cara and Kalisto have such a dynamic and energetic move set. They work incredibly well together, and should The Ascension be able to keep up with their opponents at Takeover, that match could very well be a dark-horse contender for Match of the Night honors.

    Gotch and English are incredibly over and will survive beyond this loss. They improve with every passing match and should one day stand atop the tag team mountain in NXT.

    That day just won't be at Takeover, as they will be forced to watch from the sidelines as Sin Cara and Kalisto attempt to do the seemingly impossible and knock off Konnor and Viktor for the titles they have held for nearly a year.