Cubs Better Team With Alfonso Soriano On The Bench

Mike HulmesContributor IMay 7, 2008

The beginning of the 2008 season started off shaky for the Cubs but, as a fan, of course, I still had hope that they would dust themselves off and turn it around.

Little did I know that my hope would be realized in the injury to left fielder Alphonso Soriano. Strangely, as soon as Soriano was gone, the Cubs, it seemed, could not lose, knocking off team after team and winning series after series.

But even more strange is the fact that since he has returned to the line-up, the Cubs have completely fallen apart. Is there some sort of sub-conscious bitterness in the rest of the teams mind because this $146 million dollar lemon is in the line-up.

Soriano recently showed what he was worth against the Cardinals when he showed up at the plate with a blindfold on and then proceeded to forget to take it off when he took the field—hideously botching what would have been a routine fly ball even for my old rusty butt.

The Chicago Cubs spent millions of dollars in 2006 to win and in my opinion if winning means handcuffing Soriano to the bench then it's money well spent. 

The Cubs are 2-5 since Soriano's return May 1st.