Cesaro Deserves Serious Push He's Been Lacking Since WrestleMania

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 4, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Following Cesaro's victory in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30, his WWE future looked almost blindingly bright.

The star received a renewed push, garnered more promo time and was given Paul Heyman—one of the biggest non-wrestling stars on the roster—as a manager.

It seemed like he could at long last be on the verge of climbing up the card and becoming a main eventer.

Alas, that didn't quite happen.  

After his victory, Cesaro floundered in the midcard without any truly meaningful feuds or storylines to keep him busy. Worse still, his alliance with Heyman was suddenly dropped too, without any proper storyline explanation ever being given. (Cesaro just blew off their business relationship in a backstage segment with Triple H.)

Credit: WWE.com

OK, so he is, as WWE.com notes, getting a shot for Sheamus’ United States Championship at the Night of Champions pay-per-view, but it’s difficult to see this returning him to importance. Honestly, Sheamus’ career might be in as much trouble as Cesaro’s. Does anyone care about his current title run?

After a brief glimmer of hope in the spring, it appears Cesaro is right back at square one. How incredibly frustrating—not just for the wrestler but for his fans too.

It's not hopeless, of course. When you're as talented as the former Ring of Honor performer is, there's always some chance people in management will wake up and see the light. But they have to do it soon, or his career will suffer permanent damage.

Credit: WWE.com

And it wouldn't be hard for the bookers to rebuild him in the next couple of months. The main thing they would have to do is turn him babyface.

Cesaro's potential as a good guy is unlimited. He's a fantastic wrestler and a decent talker. He is bursting with charisma and has a move set—his popular Giant Swing finisher, most obviously—that has garnered strong and vocal reactions from the crowds.

Crucially, thanks to his ability to speak numerous languages, he also has the ability—that most on the roster don’t—to reach out to international fans and help expand the company's overseas business.

Credit: WWE.com

Indeed, the real question may be, why hasn't WWE turned him babyface? What is WWE waiting for? Considering Daniel Bryan is out indefinitely with injuries, the company needs to create new babyface stars.

Alternatively, if the company is adamant about keeping him heel, the star could join The Authority in the upcoming months and carry out the bidding for evil owners Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

It would keep him relevant and in the spotlight, if nothing else. And Cesaro would probably be better in the hired-muscle role than Kane, whose act is rather tired and stale. Undoubtedly, there’s real potential in the Swiss star joining with the McMahons.

Regardless of whether WWE keeps him heel or turns him babyface, let's hope Vince McMahon and the bookers come to their senses soon and give the star a significant push. He is too talented to be squandered so badly.