NFL Week 2 Recap: Can the Patriots Go 16-0?

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst ISeptember 17, 2007

IconTom Brady said in a post-game interview last night that Bill Belichick is the best coach in NFL history.

Not too far off, based on this decade's results.

Videogate aside, the Patriots showed on Sunday that they're for real—and that they may well go UNDEFEATED this season.

No doubt about it—the New England offensive attack is unstoppable. The scary thing is, Seymour and Harrison aren't even playing for the defense right now.

What we saw last night was a determined New England team outslugging a weak San Diego squad. Norv Turner was obviously overmatched as a coach, but who would have thought his team would have looked more like the Raiders than the Chargers?

Call him arrogant if you will, but Coach Belichick is all business—and his team will win the Super Bowl this season.


Around the League

Cleveland and Cincinnati put up staggering offensive numbers in a made-for-TV 51-45 shootout. Former Oregon State QB Derek Anderson looked invincible, while Carson Palmer had a PS2-type day.

Rumor has it that Cincy's D-Coordinator took one too many Benadryl before the game.

Kansas City did nothing to disprove my theory that they'll be drafting number one next year. Herm Edwards will have a puzzled look on his face all season long, wondering how it went so bad so quick.

IconNot that Rex "I'm the worst starting QB in the NFL" Grossman played well against the Chiefs. Every time a defense sees Rex under center, they have to be giddy.

How can so many former Florida stud QBs be such horrific pros? It's almost as bad as the Oregon  Akili Smith/Joey Harrington epidemic.

Oakland almost got the first win for head coach Lane Kiffin, but Sebastian Janakowsi narrowly missed a long field goal in OT...before Denver marched down the field and gave Jason Elam a chip shot to win the game.

Oakland is competing, though, which is all that's important right now.

Tennessee gave Indianapolis all it could handle as Vince Young proved himself to be unsackable—but the Colts prevailed 22-20 in a mildly entertaining game. Rookie Anthony Gonzalez had a nice outing for the Colts at WR.

Brett Favre had a blast from the past as the Packers cruised to an easy victory over the Giants. The 49ers and Jaguars won in soporific games, while the Houston Texans stayed undefeated and looked impressive yet again.

I think Houston makes the playoffs behind Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Mario Williams, and DeMarco Ryans. We're now seeing why listed Schaub as a top 10 franchise QB several years ago while he was Vick's backup in Atlanta.

Houston is much improved this year...and even exciting to watch.

Buffalo, finally, looked amazing, putting up an astronomical THREE (3) points Sunday. The only suspense left is whether J.P. Losman wins Offensive MVP honors or QB of the Year. Hah!