Kimbo Slice on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10???

Ez PalingContributor IJuly 16, 2009

STUDIO CITY, CA - MAY 19:  MMA fighter Kimbo Slice attends CBS's 'Elite XC Saturday Night Fights' Press Conference at CBS Radford Studios on May 19, 2008 in Studio City, California.  (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

Does anyone think this guy has any real MMA talent? Season after season (with the exception of the comeback edition) I see sub par talent. It is really unbelievable to me since I have seen some great fighters on the smaller circuits. (I’ve heard the so-called 6 figure contract has a lot to do with the inability to attract fighters).

Do you think UFC is signing this guy for the publicity? I do. Okay he beats the tar out of people at backyard BBQ’s but again, those are not professional MMA fighters. Seth Petruzzelli cleaned his clock in a matter of seconds.  Petruzzelli even came forward and said that Elite promoters paid him to stand with Kimbo and not take him down.  Hmmm, could it be that Kimbo is a one trick pony?  I wonder.  I wonder if Kimbo will be gone faster than Junie Browning’s brother.  Even if you say he has knockout power, he has zero ground game.  Ultimately he will meet his match again….and again…and again.

Thoughts anyone?  Here is the fight in case you missed it here is the link.