UK Pages: England Battered for Uninspired Performance Against Norway

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalSeptember 3, 2014

Independent back page on Thursday

Thursday's back pages are dominated by England's 1-0 win against Norway at Wembley, with the general consensus that Roy Hodgson's team underwhelmed.

"Heaven help us" comes the headline from the Telegraph, in reference to England's hopes moving forward.

"Roy's boys are Nord very good," is the play on words offered up by London's commuter paper Metro.

The Sun compare England's win to a television bake-off, making the point that the cooking show offers more in the way of entertainment.

Slightly more upbeat from the Mirror, who do mention a record-low crowd at Wembley but also suggest Wayne Rooney answered jibes about his weight by scoring the winner.

"Skipper Wayne seals it with penalty smasher" is the headline from the Star.

Overall then, not the most galvanising of performances by the Three Lions.