WWE Night of Champions 2014: Stars Who Will Break out at PPV Event

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WWE Night of Champions 2014: Stars Who Will Break out at PPV Event
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WWE Night of Champions has historically followed a theme where every championship is on the line.

This year, the gimmick has once again forced WWE to highlight secondary championships that were neglected as recently as SummerSlam. Thankfully, the lesser champions happen to be quite talented, and they'll have great opportunities to showcase their breakout potential.

United States champion Sheamus was seldom seen or heard from during the buildup to SummerSlam. His most prominent moment last month came during an overachieving match against Randy Orton where Sheamus took the loss.

Sheamus has since been paired with Cesaro, another WWE Superstar in transition, but one who has shown tremendous chemistry with Sheamus. Each star showcases a rare mix of stiff brawling and finesse athleticism that has led to good matches in the past.

The last pay-per-view match between Sheamus and Cesaro came during WWE Payback. The match was praised by James Caldwell of PWTorch.com as a “nice match and finish.” The physical styles of both Sheamus and Cesaro make for fun matches. These two tend to simulate an actual fight when in the ring together.

The United States Championship is a bit lost in today’s WWE landscape, but the withering title makes for a good excuse to see two of WWE’s most underrated talents put on a potentially show-stealing match.

Much like the United States Championship feud, the WWE Tag Team Championship division presents similar potential.

One could argue that Goldust and Stardust have been underutilized as a tag team since the debut of Cody Rhodes’ new character. Until recently, the tandem had been limited to cryptic backstage promos. But after turning heel on The Usos last week on Raw, and following up with Goldust’s singles victory over Jimmy Uso, a tag team championship match between these two teams is inevitable.

The majority of Goldust and Stardust’s matches have come against Rybaxel. That matchup quickly became stale while hindering the tag team skill that has already been displayed by the Rhodes brothers.

The Usos will bring out the best in Goldust and Stardust as they do with all their tag team opponents. Following the aforementioned heel turn of Goldust and Stardust, fans will be presented with a more solid picture of good and evil. This will allow them to become more engaged in the match, even if that means cheering for the villains.

Goldust and Stardust have not had any memorable in-ring moments as a tag team. The longer they go without becoming relevant, the more career damage Cody Rhodes is inflicting by dressing up like his brother. Fortunately, fans should expect a memorable match at Night of Champions.

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The feud between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz has quietly become one of the more memorable feuds in the second half of 2014. Miz’s delusional Hollywood character has been a perfect foil for Ziggler’s natural role as a cult hero.

With every week, Miz adds another bell and whistle to his arsenal. Following the introduction of Damien Mizdow last week, this past Monday’s episode of Raw featured the debut of a makeup artist. Miz and Ziggler are each playing their roles perfectly, and as the Seth Rollins-Dean Ambrose rivalry is put on pause, they’ve seemed to scoop up the lost momentum.

Expect another back-and-forth match between Ziggler and Miz that piques the interest of the entire live arena.

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