10 Musicians Who Are Secretly Good at Football

Ryan BaileyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2014

10 Musicians Who Are Secretly Good at Football

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    Harley from Brighton hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks showed that his skills aren't just confined to the recording studio when he showed some impressive football skills on Soccer AM this week

    The passionate Arsenal fan is by no means the first musician to hide some football talent, as shown by this list of performers who are just as comfortable on the pitch as the stage. 

    We kick off with the last man to perform a miracle on Soccer AM... 

Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian

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    Growing up in Leicester, Serge Pizzorno wanted to be a striker for the Foxes.

    Sadly, a career as a world famous rock star with Kasabian got in the way, but Serge still manages to find a few avenues to show off his football skills. 

    In 2007, he scored a sensational goal in Soccer AM's car park game and he lobbed David Seaman like a pro at the 2012 edition of Soccer Aid.  

Robbie Williams

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    Robbie Williams, the man affectionately referred to by Noel Gallagher as "the fat dancer from Take That," is a fervent Port Vale fan and club stakeholder. He also fancies himself as a decent player and is a co-founder of the aforementioned Soccer Aid charity game. 

    Williams was ruled out of the most recent edition as he didn't have the necessary insurance

Rod Stewart

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    Before he joined The Faces and became a rock icon, it was Rod Stewart's ambition to be a professional footballer. 

    As a young lad, he had trials at Brentford, but wasn't picked up. To this day he still kicks footballs into the crowd at concerts, and isn't scared of showing his emotions at games

Julio Iglesias

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    Julio Iglesias is known by most people as the biggest-selling Latin American musician of all time.

    However, before he started crooning, Enrique's dad was a talented footballer who played in goal for Real Madrid's Castilla side.

    A car crash during the 1961-62 season put an end to his career on the field. When a nurse in the hospital gave him a guitar, he started a new path. 

Olly Murs

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    X Factor graduate and pop chart-botherer Olly Murs was a very promising striker growing up in Essex.

    He went on to play for non-league Witham Town for a few seasons, but an injury cut his career short. 

    Murs has even released a Nick Hancock-style football compilation video, yours for under seven quid

Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy of the Cult

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    The Cult's lead singer, Ian Astbury, describes himself as an "Everton devotee" and once claimed in an interview that he had trials with several different clubs and spent his youth playing against the likes of Archie Gemmill and Kenny Dalglish in Scotland.

    Lead guitarist Billy Duffy, meanwhile, is a die-hard Manchester City fan who plays regularly for teams in his adopted hometown of Hollywood along with Astbury.  

David Gray

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    The "Babylon" singer is a lifelong Manchester United fan who heads to Old Trafford whenever he can. 

    Gray has also participated in several editions of Soccer Aid. At the 2006 game, his handball conceded a penalty that Diego Maradona converted. Same old Diego, always benefitting from handballs... 

Nicky Byrne

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    Before he played to arenas filled with screaming prepubescent girls, Westlife singer Nicky Byrne was a footballer. The Irishman joined Leeds Utd as a goalkeeper in 1995 and was even part of their FA Youth Cup-winning squad. 

    Byrne had trials at several other clubs, including Cambridge and Scarborough, before musical stardom beckoned. 

St. Vincent

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    Anne Clark, also known as indie artist St. Vincent, is hiding some fairly impressive football talent. 

    In the video above, she shows us how to do the kind of "rainbow kick" she picked up while playing in school. 

Steve Harris from Iron Maiden

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    Long before he was proverbially running to the hills and bringing his proverbial daughter to the slaughter with Iron Maiden, bass player Steve Harris was an avid footballer. 

    The Maiden star claims he was on the books of his beloved West Ham as a youngster, but decided to pursue the rock 'n' roll lifestyle instead.

    Harris—who almost always has a West Ham crest on his bass guitar—still regularly plays while on tour and his team Maiden FC won the 2005 edition of the charity Soccer Six tournament. 


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