Astros Mascot Orbit Goes Fishing for Mike Trout, Makes Friends with Angels

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2014

Houston Astros mascot Orbit finally found some friends to play with thanks to his love of fishing.

Last week, Orbit unsuccessfully tried to get Coco Crisp and the Oakland A's to play Twister with him before a game. Thankfully, he didn't let that rough night keep him from trying to make friends in the future.

With Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels in town Tuesday, Orbit brought his fishing gear to the ballpark. All he wanted to do was catch a Trout before the game started. The Angels were more than willing to play with the mascot, but things didn't go as planned for Orbit.

This tweet does a great job of showing how things unfolded:

Houston and Los Angeles may be American League West opponents, but they can still have some fun together before games.

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