Veronica Lane, Solomon Crowe and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 3, 2014

Veronica Lane, Solomon Crowe and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    WWE NXT is now minus Veronica Lane and will be without Solomon Crowe for the near future.

    Lane announced her exit from WWE developmental. An injury will delay Crowe's NXT TV debut.

    It appears that fans can expect arrivals and departures elsewhere as well. Other NXT news features an indy worker on his way to Full Sail University and a report on the company's plans for Charlotte on the main roster. Entertaining fools Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady round things out.

    NXT is now down one backstage interviewer in Lane and a promising prospect in Crowe. Those situations create two opportunities for other WWE hopefuls.

Veronica Lane Done with NXT

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    Ring announcer, backstage interviewer and occasional in-ring performer Veronica Lane had been recovering from a leg injury. She has now left NXT behind.

    Lane tweeted on Sept. 2, "Today I have made the decision to close a chapter of my life and begin the next. My time with WWE was an experience I will never forget and I will always cherish those memories." WWE has since removed her profile page.

    And so ends one prospect's NXT journey. 

    The former pageant queen certainly could have moved up in the business. The strain and stress of the pro wrestling world isn't for everybody, though.

    Her exit means that WWE will need someone to take over her interview gig. JoJo may just be the one to slide into that role, having done more ring announcing as of late. 

Willie Mack Reporting to NXT Soon

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    Another talented indy wrestler is headed to NXT. After months of rumblings about California-based Willie Mack heading to WWE developmental, the process is actually unfolding. 

    PWInsider's Mike Johnson reports, "WWE will be officially signing Willie Mack, who will soon be reporting to WWE NXT in Florida." Johnson also confirmed that Mack has passed the required medical tests.

    Zack Zimmerman reported on that Mack gave a tearful goodbye speech to fans at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show on Aug. 31.

    Mack is a gifted athlete who like Uhaa Nation boasts an impressive combination of power and athleticism. Husky Harris' old "army tank with a Ferrari engine" moniker suits the 27-year-old quite well. 

    He will find a number of familiar faces waiting for him at NXT. Per, during his Pro Wrestling Guerrilla run Mack teamed and battled Kevin Steen, Sami Zayn and Solomon Crowe before they even took on those names.

Backstage Word on Charlotte Getting Called Up

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    Charlotte's reign as NXT women's champ may soon be over, but only to give way to the next stage of her rise. The rapidly improving prospect may soon be getting a call-up, as many fans have expected. 

    According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc) there is talk of having Bayley defeat Charlotte at NXT Takeover 2 in order to free the current champ to head to the main roster. The reported thought process behind this is to give Ric Flair a regular role on TV.

    If WWE goes through with this, it's the ideal situation for both father and daughter.

    Charlotte gets introduced to fans with the help of a Hall of Famer. Flair gets a logical role where he can shine and let genuine emotion power his promos.

    It's a no-brainer direction which will add a hefty amount of buzz to the Divas division. 

Solomon Crowe Injured

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    Fans will have to wait to see Solomon Crowe (formerly Sami Callihan) tear it up on NXT TV. A leg injury is going to keep him out of the ring for now.

    According to, Crowe "suffered a broken leg during his match at Sunday's house show. He reportedly came up lame after a headscissors maneuver in the ring and the match was ended early."

    While a broken bone is never good news, there is a silver lining here: This could allow him and WWE to come up with a new persona for him.

    The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported (h/t Wrestling Inc) that Triple H disliked the hacker gimmick and that it has been dropped. Crowe had been teaming with Kalisto lately, but the high-flyer will have to move on without him. His time away affords officials the chance to repackage him.

    If they find the right vehicle to harness his talent during his time on the disabled list, Crowe will look back at this injury as a blessing.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady Hype Takeover Match

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    Enzo Amore will battle Sylvester Lefort at Takeover 2 in a Hair vs. Hair match. That event has spawned a number of videos on Instagram from many of the wrestlers involved. None of them are as mesmerizing as Amore's latest one, though.

    The charismatic prospect posted a video on Facebook of him and Colin Cassady preparing for the upcoming match with Lefort.

    It involves a dog losing its hair, bickering between the partners and general spastic energy. It's silly but hilarious.

    As a bonus, the clip gives fans a look at the Princess of Staten Island, NXT Diva Carmella. It would be smart of WWE to introduce her more through her connection with Cassady and Amore.

    Amore's comic timing has him looking more and more like a main-roster talent each time he grabs the mic.