Floyd Mayweather Hits Back at 50 Cent Challenge, Taunts 'Dirty' Marcos Maidana

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Floyd Mayweather Hits Back at 50 Cent Challenge, Taunts 'Dirty' Marcos Maidana
Eric Jamison/Getty Images

The battle of words and wealth between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent continued this week, as the boxer hit back at the rapper’s challenge for him to read a full page of a Harry Potter book.

Rather than partaking in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) told the champ to read just a page of one of J. K. Rowling’s novels without stuttering and he’ll donate all of $750,000 to charity. In other words: “Floyd, you can’t read.”

Jeff Daly/Associated Press

They can’t settle the matter with a fight, or indeed a rap battle—as both would probably be unfair on 50 Cent—and with that in mind, Mayweather has asked the rapper to raise the stakes while also taking a cheeky swipe at him, per Michael Gadd of MailOnline:

“That's all he challenged me? He gotta raise the stakes. Does he still make music? I ain't heard him in a while.”

Eric Jamison/Getty Images

The rapper has been busy this year with the release of his latest album, “Animal Ambition,” but becoming the king of internet trolling looks to have taken up a lot of his time, too.

After 50 attacked Mayweather’s reading ability, the boxer responded in mind-boggling fashion, releasing a photograph of two recent paychecks, both of which were for staggering sums of money:

The saga will continue to go on with ludicrous amounts of zeros shoved in the world’s face, but Mayweather has serious business to attend to this weekend.

The 37-year-old recorded the 46th consecutive victory of his professional career on a points decision against Marcos Maidana back in May, and the pair clash once again at the MGM Grand on Saturday.

May’s fight was one littered with controversy, as the Argentinian landed a number of questionable blows and also cut Mayweather with a headbutt in the fourth round, something that Mayweather is determined to get revenge for:

The American says he’s prepared for whatever the “dirty fighter” throws at him this time around, with his intelligent fighting style likely to shine through, via Gadd:

I won (in May). I don't have to adjust. But I expect the same dirty fighter I saw the first time. My job is to be cautious and be smart. I'm not just fighting the fighter. I'm fighting all the critics, all the biased fans. When you're at the top, people want to take shots at you.

Harry How/Getty Images

Maidana will once again be hoping to drag the fight into something of a street brawl, but with Mayweather’s justifiably arrogant, intelligent mind, the Argentine may well be sent packing again.

Most boxers would celebrate a victory with a wild, playboy-style night, but for Mayweather, he could be crowning win No. 47 by catching up with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

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