Gina Carano At MSG: The Scrap On Location

The MMA Daily ScrapCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2009

We had several members of the Daily Scrap team posted on 33rd St and 8th Avenue in NYC to catch a glimpse of Gina Carano outside, under the summer sun, in a steel cage. [we took the high quality pic above with our handy MMA Daily Scrap camera phone; what can we say? we're writers, not photojournalists]

Her opponent was there, too, but whatever.

Gina has the potential to raise female MMA at least to the dizzying heights of roller derby in its hey-day, probably much higher.

I heard somewhere that “girl fight” is the second most popular term typed into YouTube’s search engine, surpassed only by……nah, we can’t print it here.

Gina isn’t just hot, though. She’s an awesome physical specimen, even more impressive in person than on TV.

C’mon, folks! Let’s support female MMA (and MMA in NYC)!

Or at least Gina.

She’s so pretty.