Who Should Roman Reigns Face at WWE Night of Champions?

Team Stream NowB/R VideoSeptember 2, 2014

Monday on Raw, WWE announced a SummerSlam rematch between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. With just under three weeks left until Night of Champions, WWE’s biggest rising star may be in need of a solid singles program heading into the September pay-per-view.

Should Reigns and Orton compete on free television, especially if Reigns is victorious, it won’t make sense for the two to have a third match at Night of Champions.

Reigns has also begun a feud with former Shield member Seth Rollins as Rollins’ rival Dean Ambrose continues to sell injuries from the cinder block attack two weeks ago.

As a member of The Authority, Rollins makes sense as Reigns’ next feud, but the ideal feud for Reigns would be against Authority leader Triple H.

Unlike Rollins, Triple H represents a step up in main event competition from Orton. Reigns would be able to seamlessly continue his climb up the WWE ladder with a career victory over part-time wrestler Triple H.

A Triple H-Reigns rivalry would immediately train fans to begin taking Reigns seriously as a future WWE World Heavyweight champion, if they haven’t already.  


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