Athletes Who Looked Completely Different as Rookies

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Athletes Who Looked Completely Different as Rookies
Paul Sancya/Associated Press

As the years pass, everyone (and everything) changeseven if it happens in varying degrees.

Anyone who was conscious and alert through puberty understands this. And those of us on the wrong side of 30 get to relive the fun—except now, none of the changes are welcome.

Despite the ravages of vodka martinis and the unrepentant arc of time, most people don't undergo some kind of radical metamorphosis.

Rather, the battles are fought on the scale, our heads and the morning following a night without sleep. 

So, picking the 19-year-old you from a photo spread of like-aged dudes might trigger a sense of regret, but rarely does it pose a serious challenge.

For athletes who are at the pinnacle of their sports, these changes are documented for the world to see on team websites, season programs or any promotional material highlighting a roster.

Without a doubt, athletes (like the rest of us) evolve over time—physically and in their personal style.

But some clearly fall into the category of Whoa, that's him? when comparing their rookie-year looks with their present appearance.  

These are athletes who looked completely different as rookies. 

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