Debate: Does Blake Sims Deserve to Keep Starting Job?

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Debate: Does Blake Sims Deserve to Keep Starting Job?
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With Alabama's starting QB job still up for grabs, does Blake Sims deserve to keep his job?


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How many records did he break for a first time starting quarterback at Alabama? Christion Jones catches that ball and walks in for a touchdown, what w...
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Easy, let's give Coker a full game to play in next week. Then they can go 50/50 the game after, then starter named for Florida game. Cased closed
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Sims played fine, and like everyone is saying, until you see Coker on the field this discussion is all just theoretical. However, the negatives I saw ...
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Sim's is the sentimental favorite but in my opinion he's not a good QB. Haven't seen any of the other guys work so I don't know about any of them.
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