Usain Bolt Competes in Exhibition Cricket Match Opposite Yuvraj Singh

Sean Swaby@seanswabyUK Staff WriterSeptember 2, 2014


Usain Bolt may or may not ever get the trial he craves with Manchester United, so the Jamaican tried his hand at a different sport that didn't involve outrunning anyone and everyone: cricket. 

Bolt was making his first-ever trip to India in Bangalore along with Puma, who put together a seven-a-side, four-over match. 

Yuvraj Singh played opposite Bolt's team at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. 

Bolt's side won the match but Singh would later get revenge at Bolt's favoured sport, defeating him an a playful 100-meter dash. 

According to ESPN, Bolt is told media in attendance that he's in favour of cricket becoming an Olympic sport, even as soon as 2020, because of its worldwide appeal. 

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