Hard Knocks: Another PPV Name Change?!

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Hard Knocks: Another PPV Name Change?!

Hi, I'm Sherard Quow, and I'm back after a big vacation off of only one article (Only one article? Wooow).

Well, after lots of name changes for the WWE's PPVs this year, like Hell in a Cell and Breaking Point, here comes another name change! 

The PPV Cyber Sunday has now been changed to WWE Bragging Rights.

WWE Bragging Rights? Really?

WWE Bragging Rights??? Really?

WWE Bragging Rights????!!????? REALLY?!

W W E  B r a g g i n g  R i g h t s ??????????????????! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!!??

Bragging Rights does not even sound like a PPV name at all. It sounds like a regular street term used by people who brag about stuff.

I don't understand why the WWE came up with such a dumb name for a PPV. They should have either kept the name WWE Annihilation (although most of the kids of the WWE can't pronounce it) or WWE Cyber Sunday. 

For the love of God, WWE, stop changing names for PPV's dammit.

And if you are gonna change the name, change it to something catchy and good instead of changing it to something dumb like Bragging Rights! 

And this is Hard Knocks signing off.

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