103-Year-Old 'Golden Bolt' Would Welcome a Race Against Usain Bolt

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2014


Although Hidekichi Miyazaki—aka "Golden Bolt"—is 103 years old, the Japanese runner is more than willing to race against the world's fastest man.

After competing in the Japan Masters Athletics competition in Kyoto, Japan, Miyazaki told AFP, via CTVNews.ca, that he would "love to race [Usain] Bolt." 

It may seem like a mismatch, but the 5'0", 92-pound runner does his best to stay in shape.

"I'm keeping the dream alive. I try to stay in top shape and stay disciplined and healthy," Miyazaki said. "That's important for everyone—even Usain Bolt."

Golden Bolt would be facing a steep challenge in the race. Miyazaki set the world record for centenarians in the 100-meter dash at 29.83 seconds. As for the Jamaican sprinter, he has run the 100-meter dash in a cool 9.58 seconds.

A Golden Bolt-Usain Bolt showdown? It may not be a competitive race, but it'd be fun to see.

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