Let's Shake Things Up Around WWE

D-KwikContributor IJuly 15, 2009

WWE has been around for many years, and it has always been about entertainment.

Now, every superstar in the WWE right now is extremely talented, but some just aren't getting their spotlight.

Others are getting too much.

In my opinion, WWE has gotten a bit stale lately. It's the same thing every week, and frankly it's getting boring.

I'm a huge Triple H fan and I like Randy Orton, but seriously how many times are we going to see these guys go at it?

We get it. Triple H wants his title back and is still pissed about his wife getting RKO'ed.

Great reason to go after Randy Orton, but that was like four or five months ago.

I want to see the brands get completely shaken up; I want to see new rivalries and things we have never seen before.

Have Triple H face off against Jericho, that is a money-making rivalry and one that I would love to see.

I'd love to see Orton Vs. Undertaker again, and tell Orton to bring Legacy because The Deadman has Kane.

Better yet, bring back DX and make them feud with The Brothers Of Destruction.

That is H-U-G-E in my opinion.

It would make for good television because you can still continue the Wrestlemania storyline and just bring in Kane & HHH.

Hell, bring back Eric Bischoff.

Sure everyone hated him, but he made Raw exciting to watch. He knew what he was doing, and he was probably the best GM we've seen in quite some time.

I'll agree that the Raw Celebrity Guest Host thing is pretty cool, it keeps things fresh but like my man Ryan Michael said, how long can they keep that up?

You are going to run out of people to call, so WWE needs to do something good. Have Ric Flair GM or even bring JBL back.

I hate being able to predict what is going to happen.

It's not that fun.

The Diva's are an absolute joke. They just fight for no reason; WWE doesn't give them a storyline anymore. Make it exciting, like the whole Trish and Lita thing, that was amazing.

Another thing, I want to see some of the new guys get an opportunity, and would like to see them face off against some of the veterans.

Dolph Ziggler has a lot of potential. Who would have thought that Nicky from the Spirit Squad would be such a great wrestler?

John Morrison is one of the most exciting guys to watch. The match that he had with Edge about two or three weeks ago on Smackdown was one of the best matches I've seen in quite some time.

I hope he will get his shot at the World Title, because Jeff Hardy is just wearing thin with me.

Don't get me wrong; I really like Jeff, but he's just not what he used to be.

Have I mentioned that I really don't like CM Punk?

I think Jericho should have won MITB last Wrestlemania, but that's just me.

Anyways, I hope WWE does some of these things to make a bit more interesting. We can all hope.