20 Athletes Hanging with A-List Stars

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20 Athletes Hanging with A-List Stars
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It's may not be written in stone, but there is most definitely a celebrity pecking order that dictates the social circles of the rich and famous.

Fame comes in many flavors, and star athletes usually fall somewhere between reality show villains and movie stars who consistently land top billing on summer blockbusters.

And there's certainly nothing wrong with finding yourself comfortably in the middle of a list filled with far worse options.

But like any social order in life, no matter how large or small, people tend to organize themselves accordingly; which is why Brad Pitt inevitably coupled with Angelina Jolie, and Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. shows up places with Justin Bieber.

Not that there aren't exceptions, of course. Even the most A-list of A-list celebs would be easily starstruck by an athlete as transcendental as Michael Jordan, and Tom Brady is, well, living the supermodel dream.

But for most athletes, when the paparazzi show up, they're snapping photos of a couple of middling list neighbors—like your not-quite-as-big-a-deal-anymore pop stars or an actor whose hit sitcom is in syndication somewhere between 100-200 on cable.

However, when athletes are seen canoodling with A-listers, it's hard not to take notice; and after the flash-bulbs pop, the gossip pages often do.

These are athletes hanging with A-List stars.

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